In 1938, Hazrat Musleh Maud‬ created the Atfal auxiliary organisation. Also in 1938, the city of Qadian in India held the first ever Ijtema. In 2017, almost 80 years later, this blessed event has spread all over the world and at many different levels. The UK held its first Ijtema in 1965, but it was in the 1980s, that the land at Islamabad was bought where the Ijtema continued to grow for the next few decades. With the blessings of Allah, this gathering has become an important experience that every Tifl should have. Nowadays, Ijtemas are held all over the world, for example: USA, Canada, Germany, Ghana among many others.

The National Ijtema is a very important occasion in the calendar. It brings together many Ahmadis for the remembrance of Allah whilst also creating an atmosphere of practical reform through academic and sporting activities. There are also many blessings associated with the Ijtema. In fact, the Holy Prophet ﷺsaid:

When people gather together for the remembrance of Allah they are surrounded by angels and are covered by mercy from their Lord.’

This shows us that the Ijtema can raise our spiritual levels and get us closer to God. As well as this, the Ijtema gives the Ahmadi Youth a chance to work with friends towards a common goal, whether it is in football or in tug-of-war. Because of this, the Ijtema is an opportunity to create and strengthen our connections with our brothers.

Hazrat Amir ul Momineen Khalifatul Masih V (May Allah be his helper) stated:

Remember that the sole purpose of such events is not to carry out competitions only, but it is an avenue for gathering to listen to good words of advice and improving your religious knowledge. I hope that your speeches and competitions would have proved fruitful in achieving this.