The Atfal Writers Club is open to members of the Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya UK. Its purpose is to nurture writing and public speaking skills through workshops and writers training. If it is found that a Tifl’s writings skills are remarkable then such a tifl is usually offered a volunteer place at Tahir Magazine.

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All applications for the Atfal Writers Club are analysed for potential after which exceptional writers are offered to have their work regularly published in the Tahir Magazine print and blog.

Public Speaking

The workshops are designed to instil good public speaking skills in a Tifl through a variety of exercises all aiming to build confidence and tech the art of public speaking.

Writing Training

Atfal Writers Club takes in applicants’ work and through a process of feedback and review aims to educate Atfal with regards to writing that is of a publishable standard.

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