Today’s society is full of tension and conflict especially on an international level. With a nuclear war seemingly in sight, we now more than ever, need strong leadership which we can look up to for guidance . We look to find someone who can help us avoid these devastating times. Someone who is a source of peace and acts with kindness and justice. Someone whose thinking does not end at his own country’s borders but a leader who yearns for the happiness of everyone. For me this person is my Khalifah, my guide, my role model, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad- the head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Turn on the news now and all you hear is about conflict and tensions from one side of the world to the other. We have world leaders fighting over who has the bigger nuclear button, without a care for the massive repercussions that would follow. We also see horrific conflicts across the globe, heartbreaking stories where nations are engaged in devastating wars to further their own materialistic goals.

The so called Islamic State decided to announce a Khilafa a few years ago, but what followed was nothing Islamic, but someone who spread fear and bloodshed. This isn’t true Khilafat. Khalifas are ultimately appointed by God, not by people furthering their own vested interests. When this happens we see unrest turn to peace. After Prophethood, Khilafat is the most important institution in Islam and its goal is to carry out the tasks of reformation and moral training that were seeded by the Prophet. How can the ISIS caliphate wage a brutal war when the founder of Islam was the Prince of Peace? How can they forcibly convert people to Islam when this is completely contrary to the Quranic teachings; ‘There should be no compulsion in religion’?

Let me tell you about my Caliph, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who recognises this and has said that every person has a fundamental right to choose his or her faith or belief. This is true Caliphate, one that brings people together, rather than create fear and turmoil. In the 10th Peace Symposium hosted in Britain’s largest mosque, His Holiness stated:
“If we want peace and save the world from destruction then we must act with justice, integrity and be ever faithful to the truth.”

This beautiful quote shows his love for us and how much he cares for everyone in the world regardless of their religion. It is clear that a true Caliph is one who spreads love and peace, who seeks to protect the rights of the innocent and most importantly who acts upon the footsteps of the founder of Islam- the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

My Caliph has a personal connection with everyone. He himself has also mentioned that when he goes to sleep he prays for us all:

“Before sleeping at night there is no country of the world that I do not visit in my imagination and no Ahmadi for whom I do not pray whilst sleeping and whilst awake. I am not doing any favour because this is my duty and may Allah enable me to ever increase in assuming my responsibilities. The only reason I have said this is to make it clear that there can be no comparison between Khilafat and other worldly or secular leaders.”

Let me further give you an example of how true his love for us is. I was lucky enough to go on the Qadian trip with the Atfal Explorers Club in October. Upon returning, our organisers had an extensive meeting with His Holiness where he listened to everything in relation to this trip. He asked about the hospitality and food that we ate. He asked about our transportations and if they were comfortable and of course he asked about our prayers and if we had enough time in Baitul Dua.

Later on, it was mentioned that whilst we were away, His Holiness used to ask twice a day for reports on our trip and to ensure everything was running smoothly. Such was his concern for our wellbeing. Tell me any other leader who comes close to this level of love and care for not only his community, but the whole of mankind? None can match my beloved Khalifa; These are the great blessings of the true Khilafat we have and we should be thankful to God.