Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib (ra) whist propagating the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat in American converted a great number of people. Below is a poem of Mrs Mustapha Thaha who joined the community in the early 1920’s.


Islam My Saviour


‘Without knowledge, without purpose, I was wandering here and there,

Tossed about by endless, restless twirling winds.

And my soul was devastated by a as a country made most bare,

And my heart was heavy laden from the struggles of the mind.


At last I sought for God I knew not where,

But the yearning in my heart in anguish cried aloud.

Islam heard my prayer and before my eyes presented a jewel rare,

It was the beauty in her worship as the head was lowly bowed.


My eyes were quickly opened to her knowledge and her power,

For Islam is a living faith her truth can never die.

And now my soul is at peace within her sacred flower,

Which is the blessed Ahmadees whose fragrant perfume extends into the sky.’


Mrs Mustapha Thaha (Rahatullah)


-The Muslim Sunrise, October 1922, page 146-147