From the opinions of my friends around me, writing letters seems to have gone out of fashion as people are moving towards emails and texts. But in my opinion writing letters is very important as such a personal form of writing cannot be beaten. The best kind of letters one can write is to Huzoor (aba) which is incredibly important and useful. Writing to Huzoor (aba) enables us to practice writing in Arabic or in Urdu such as the prayer of ‘Bismillah…’ which is very important for us to know. Being able to write letters instils a passion of writing in us all and who better to send these letters to than to our beloved Huzoor (aba)?

Perhaps the most obvious reason I always write to Huzoor (aba) is that I get to build a very close relationship with the Khalifa of the time. I can tell him whatever I want from anywhere in the whole wide world. That is the power of a letter. It is always exciting to think that our beloved Huzoor (aba) takes time out of his very busy schedule to reply to letters from all over the world including ours.

I have come across many people who had a Mulaqat with Huzoor (aba) after months of writing a letter, yet our dear Huzoor (aba) re- membered everything that they had written! Imagine the feeling of elation you’ll get if Huzoor (aba) remembers you from your letters. This is what spurs me on to write because I know that through writing letters I get to build a relationship with Huzoor (aba).

It is difficult and sometimes impossible (for those living in Pakistan and other places) to come and visit Huzoor (aba). Ahmadis in some parts of the world have to face much hardship, but writing letters to Huzoor (aba) provides a way of gaining prayers of the Khalifah-e-Waqt. We need to pray for them constantly so that one day, they may have the liberties that we, in the UK have, on a day-to-day basis. Whilst writing your letters, ask beloved Huzoor (aba) to pray for them, pray for you and pray for anything else you wish for.

May Allah the Almighty enable us all to write to Huzoor (aba) constantly and may Allah grant Huzoor (aba) the utmost strength to continue guiding the world.