My Khalifah, my parents and my teachers have always taught me that I should never hurt anyone’s feelings. I should be respectful of other people’s sentiments. I have friends from all backgrounds in my class. We do not always agree with each other on everything, but we never abuse one another for that nor do we insult each other’s loved ones.

My dad came to my room today and said that he wanted to share something sad with me. He said that there are many good people in the world but there are some bad people too. Good people want to see a peaceful world while bad people want the opposite. An anti-Muslim Dutch politician named Geert Wilders is holding a cartoon competition, insulting the Holy Prophet of Islam – Muhammad (sa). Holy Prophet (sa) is someone I love the most in the world. I asked my dad why Geert Wilders wants to hurt my feelings. How would he feel if someone tried to insult his most beloved in this way? What would he get from insulting my beloved prophet in this way? How should we explain to him that he should not do this?

My dad responded by saying that our beloved Hazoor, The Head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) has always reminded us to do the following in such situations:

  1. We should all first send Durood (Salutations) upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). People like Geert Wilders want to insult the Holy Prophet (sa), but we should send salutations upon him more than ever before. My mum, dad and I then recited the Durood upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) together.
  2. We should pray for the guidance of such people who insult the Prophet of God in this way. They do not harm the prophet in any way. They only harm themselves. So I prayed to Allah for the guidance of Geert Wilders. If such people still do not change their ways, then Allah will punish them Himself.
  3. We should remember that we are the followers of Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). Our own behaviour should always be the best. We will only be his true followers if our actions are according to his beautiful teachings.
  4. We should pray for the peace of the world.
  5. We should tell the world about the true peaceful teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). My dad then told me a story from the life of Holy Prophet (sa). A non-Muslim woman used to throw garbage on the Prophet (sa) whenever he used to pass by her house. She did it regularly. One day, she did not throw garbage on him. Holy Prophet (sa) got worried about her and asked his companions if she was okay. The companions told him that she was not well. Holy Prophet (sa) went straight to her to see how she was doing. This was the character of my beloved Prophet (sa). This is why we love him so much.

Mr Wilders, I really hope that you get to read my article and think about your actions. I pray that you change your ways and become a better person. We should all try to spread peace in the world. We should all follow our motto of ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’.