Extracts taken from the Friday Sermon delivered by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad – Khalifatul Masih IV (rh) on 22nd November 1996 after the demise of Dr Abdul Salam.

Deep Respect

‘There is no scientist in this world who doesn’t view (Dr Abdus Salam) with deep respect -even so much so – that as far as moral values and high character is concerned, he is one scientist who is respected even by great kings and in reality [they] would bow to his greatness. Dr Sahib had told me several times during informal discussions about the manner of this head of state towards him or that head of state with him. They would send him invitations [saying] visit us, we wish to gain satisfaction by honouring you with a state visit that we have served a great man. Despite this there was no sign of arrogance. This is the real greateness of character that cannot be related to any medal.’

A Result of Prayers

‘Dr Sahib was also a result of prayers. His father was Chaudhry Muhammad Hussain Sahib and his mother was Hajira Begum who were very pious people. Pure, clean, leading very pious lives and after [accepting] Ahmadiyyat were even better. They saw a dream before Dr Abdus Salam’s birth that they were given a beautiful, pure son who’s name was Abdus Salam. So they wrote to Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) about the dream and due to their humbleness they did not name their son themselves, rather narrated the dream and asked what they should name him. Huzoor (ra) wrote that when Allah has Himself told you this name how can I interfere in this matter and that you should give him the very same name. Thus, Abdus Salam was the name given to this son in accordance with divine direction and pleasure which was a result of their special prayers and his whole life proved the truthfulness of this dream and acceptance of his parents’ sincerity.’

This Is The Person Who Believes in God

‘Even after reaching such heights as a scientist he had an unshakeable belief in the existence of God. He told me once that when he goes to a scientific gathering he hears whispers that this is the person who believes in God. Now scientists who believe [in God] have increased than before. But the [example of the] pride with which he fulfilled the requirements of faith in the One and Only God and raised this flag – you will not find a single scientist in the current world like this. Moreover, the humility that is created due to the greatness of God always remained part of his character. He always served as a faithful servant of the Community.’