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The Sialkot Attack – Not in the Name of Islam

Ahmadis have been persecuted in Pakistan for many years now, and it seems like the situation is only getting worse. Religious extremists, with the...

Geert Wilders – Here’s How I’m Reacting

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician and founder of the so-called Party of Freedom in the Netherlands. However, his views and pledges are far...

Hurting People’s Feelings is Not Championing Anything

My Khalifah, my parents and my teachers have always taught me that I should never hurt anyone’s feelings. I should be respectful of other...

How Does Islam Stop Racism?

Islam, a name given by Allah the Almighty, is an Arabic word which literally means obedience and peace. So Islam would mean the path...

Halal Food Ban – a Ban on Freedom of Expression?

First the Hijab, and now Halal food. France’s uneasy debate in national identity and the supposed 'place' of Islam has now turned to tackling...

Lying – It’s Nothing to be Proud Of

  Recently an article was published in the NewYork Times which highlighted studies that sought to show that lying is a sign of intelligence in...

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