It is universally accepted that about 15 billion years ago, none of the currently observed structures existed: no galaxies, no stars or planets, not even atoms! This remarkable conclusion rests upon major advances in astronomy thiscentury. The first is the discovery by Edmin Hubble in the 1920’s that the entire universe is expanding, meaning it is getting bigger.

This means if the Universe is expanding today, it must have been shrunken in the past, and scientists discovered that our expanding universe could be traced back in time to an originating single point.

However, prior to the discovery of the Big Bang as the origin of this universe, it was widely believed that the universe was eternal, meaning that it had no creator. But the Big Bang theory radically changed the situation. It became a powerful argument for the existence of God. As the Holy Quran asks “Will they not then believe?” Thus, the opening out of the heavens and the earth is being cited as evidence for the existence of a Creator.

How does the Big Bang act as evidence for God’s existence?

The answer has been provided by modern science and logic. Scientists are sure of what happened in the Big Bang but they are still at a loss as to what triggered it off. Where did the initial matter and energy come from? What caused the explosion? The idea that matter or energy can simply come into being from nothingness by chance as a freak occurrence is very unconvincing and difficult to explain.

Over the centuries many Philosophers and thinkers have tried to prove that the very fact that everything is created means that there must be a Creator. This makes perfect sense because you cannot think of anything that does not have a creator. For example take the chair that you may be sitting on. It was designed by someone and then produced in a factory. Take the glasses that you may be wearing, it too was created by an Optician and produced by complicated machines. Everything has a creator. This means that the Big Bang too must have a Creator who made the event happen.

This is the Big Bang Theory put forward in the twentieth century. It is astonishing to think that mankind has had this knowledge for over a thousand years, recorded in
the Holy Quran. This means what was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) fourteen centuries ago has only in recent times been discovered by scientific reasoning.

This proves that the Holy Quran is a true book. How can the Word of God conflict with His Work? In order to understand the Word of God we should study His Work and in order to understand the significance of HisWork, we should study His Word.