With the A-level results having just come out on Thursday 17th August many 18 year olds received great news, having graduated to the top universities, and on Thursday 24th August 16 year olds too recieved their GCSE results.

An equally important exam is the 11 plus examination that secondary schools look for when enrolling students. Many have passed these exams and have realised the joy of receiving good results. Regardless of what results you recieve always make sure that you are firstly, motivated to strive towards excellence. Secondly, don’t lose hope in yourself and most importantly keep praying to Allah the Almighty.

In the Holy Qur’an, (Surah Al-Najm 53:59), it states, “Man will not get anything unless he works hard”, this means that you will not achieve anything, including good results, unless you work hard for them.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “No two things have been combined better than knowledge and patience.”

The Holy Prophet’s ﷺ task seemed impossible at the time, but he fulfilled his mission which led billions of people to accept his message. The Holy Prophet ﷺ worked tirelessly for the success of his mission and continued to pray to Allah the Almighty. This is a living example for us regarding how we too can become successful.

There is a prayer for increase in knowledge in the Holy Qur’an (20:115) “My Lord, increase me in knowledge”, this is vital to do before any exam.